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Lifestyle Lounge

Lifestyle Lounge is a swinger site with a variety of selection for gender and preferences with a variety of features.  A main advantage of this site over other sites is the simple and easy to follow interface that comes with signing on. It has a social media “feel” to the site and this sometimes increases the experience of the user as far as easiness of use. As said, because of this social media vibe is easy to browse through profiles as well as look at photos, statistics and information written by the members. Another important point is the fact that the site allows users to sign in through facebook making the sign up process almost instant.

Nevertheless this also comes with sacrifices. A lot of better swinger sites ask for a bit more information but they also provide better results. Because is very easy to sign up, many bots spam this and many other sites with fake profiles and dilute legitimate users from being recognized or picked in the community. The bot problem also affects the quality and trust of the site in general. Even though they claim to have over 2 million members is safe to say a grand majority of these profiles might be fake or inactive; Is important to keep this very crucial flaw in mind if you ever wish to give the site a try.

Aside from this fact, Lifestyle Lounge also posses other features including a community where you can post and comment.  Communities and engagement occurring from person to person inside the site really does wonders when it comes to improving your experience as a swinger. You may be able to talk to other potential swingers and partners and get to know them better. This allows for stronger bonds and intimacy.

Members personal reviews range from great to overly blatant experience with the sites, their members and the interface and way of workings. Some agree that although you have the potential of finding a partner, the overwhelming number of bots on the site (that create unnecessary and non responding member profiles) ruin their experience and frustrate them when they spend much of their time contacting bots that look like real profiles. Other members also believe that by being very active and resilient you can eventually find a worthy partner or swinger from the site. Even though both reviews hold their side of truth from an statistic perspective the bot profiles makes the site somewhat vulnerable to losing its member to better, more regulated swinger sites.

Lifestyle Lounge does have real members and is worthy trying their site if you are looking for something new. Only remember what has been said on this article about some of their problems and the way most members deal with it. If you want a social media interface to look at pictures and clean navigation Lifestyle Lounge is not bad at all and should be considered. With this in mind part of finding the right swinger site is being open mind enough to give all sites a fair trial besides some of the problems the site might have.


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  • Walter Tucy says:

    Decent site and a decent number of members but I got to agree with the review though, I send private messages to at least a dozen girls on the site didn’t get a single reply back. Not sure if is bots but there is something going on alright

  • Maria says:

    Just awful experience I honestly can’t believe I spent even a day checking this horrible excuse for a swinger community

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