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Love voodoo is an swinger site with distinct features. One of the first things most user notice about love voodoo is the homepage and the social media-like profile setups. Many modern users have gotten used to this type of social media page template but for the most part, it’s safe to say, swingers are able to browse through pictures, photos and more with this type of sites in place. Love voo =doo also includes videos, sponsored events and many other features in their homepage. The sponsored events shown in the home page happen to be special swinger meetups where swingers are able to hang out with one another. The site has relative modest amount of members (although it cannot be confirmed whether or not they happen to be bots or fake accounts) making it worthwhile looking through their site.

Love voodoo lacks a good community system, this makes communication among members harder and the communication often happens through email. Meaning some strangers might be sending you messages through email and you will not be able to talk to them because their emails landed on the spam box. This being a major downer at least the site allows users to talk to one another by email when other swinger sites don’t allow any communication at all. With this being said, love voodoo also lacks a clear browsing system when it comes to finding members. Most of their members are found through state category but information as to how close or how far they are from your city or county is unknown. This is a huge problem for planning parties or events with said swingers. Aside from this, when searching for swingers by state you will be shown several swingers from said state without the ability to refine your search. You may see females and males even when you are only looking for one of these genders. Is also important to note that although the site seems to have a solid number of members per state, you have to “refresh” the page to get a new set of members from said state otherwise there isn’t any page 1,2,3,etc division like in other common dating and swinger sites.

Voodoo does have a section with general information and common swinging terms that often help new swingers get familiar with the terminology. The terms are general but often used which is why this is a good place to at least see how these terms are used properly and in context.

Love voodoo includes an interactive map to find clubs. The map itself is capable of performing this task however it appears the site doesn’t have enough clubs in its data base to always return with a “positive” (meaning clubs found in said area) result. Many times the map will show “no results found” and this is worry some for couples looking for specific local swing clubs and events. Is not clear how or when is this map updated but is safe to say it has a long way to go before is capable of competing with more extensive club and events directories.

Conclusion Rating
2 stars

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  • Flacko says:

    Alright website… I really hate the fact you can’t filter their members search results

  • Tracy says:

    I liked the site although I didn’t have much luck actually connecting with anyone. I will probably used again but at the moment I have been too busy to get back into the swinging life style

  • Geraldo says:

    I swear how are sites like these even online… total waste of my time personally… the search filter is horrible and you can’t even get personal through their site because the pming system truly is awful.. 1/5 my opinion I don’t know about you guys

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