Swinglifestyle is a swinger site that offers many (common) features to find dates, couples and people in general looking for some fun in their life. One of the first thing one should notice when you arrive at Swinglifestyle is the simple layout. The home page has a pretty clear introduction as far as to what the site is about and what it attempts to bring to its users. First and foremost, Swinglifestyle  allows you find not only mates and partners but also clubs and events. This is good if you want more than just a quick relationship and instead you would rather have a chance of meeting more swingers.

A big negative down side to Swinglifestyle is the lack of accurate swinger profiles. Although its 100 percent free (to sign up) and relatively popular, this platform lacks having a real community and swinger database of more established swinger sites. If you want to give Swinglifestyle a try, beware you will most likely just encounter random users looking to chat rather than actual swingers. Many ex-members have a strong opinion when they say a lot of these users aren’t really swingers but rather folks looking to join an online community. On the other hand some of its other features might please you more than this flaw.

A big plus is their relatively simple log in and website browsing. The design itself (should be noted) is far from new and although more tech savvy users can quickly noticed this fact, less tech knowing, more passive users might find no problem with it. The site relies on text based information with little graphics. This might be a plus or a negative depending on your special preferences.

Club selection and club listing sections of the site leave a lot to be desired. As mentioned earlier a lot of swingers today really find more results in the groove of clubs than picking and choosing individual partners in a trial-and-error basis. Is hard to estimate their exact numbers of clubs/events listed but it can be safe to say the listing contains less than 300 clubs combined throughout the states.

Sometimes member comments can be distracting in some swinger sites but almost everyone agrees you need at least some form of person to person feedback in swinger sites in order for the site to gain credibility and allow members to decide and separate the good swingers/ clubs/ events from the bad ones. A big disappointment of the site is probably the lack of peer to peer feedback allowed. You are not able to see what other swingers who might have attended to an event think about it nor whether or not the event was as good as it was advertised.

Considering most swinger sites offer some sort of community, this is a big disappointment for some. Nevertheless, Swinglifestyle  still has the potential to improve and grow beyond its current state. For those willing to look pass these issues and give the site a try you might hopefully discover that the site is what you are looking for.

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  • Sam says:

    alright site. Takes some time but you can at least meet some people, I would recommend but I tried the 5 stars site and it was A LOT better.

  • Steven says:

    I don’t know what positive experience other people have with this site because I personally couldn’t stay on the site longer than two minute with that crappy layout. No results and honestly not worthy, far better sites if you ask me

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